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Wee County Books came into existence in February 2016 when one of the owners, Jack Currie, wanted to publish two books he had written. Jack decided that the best option was to set up his own publishing house and do it all himself. The result is Wee County Books.

Books for schools

After a lifetime of teaching English in secondary schools Jack felt well-qualified to know what kind of books worked well with pupils aged around 12 and up to leaving age. His own books focus on this target area. Most future titles will be aimed at this area of the market. See the section headed ‘Submissions’ for further guidance.

Introducing Jack Currie

a new Scottish writer with a knack for capturing the hearts and minds of teen readers.

The Blue Eye

‘The Blue Eye’ follows a Syrian family escaping the war-torn town of Marea, near Aleppo in northern Syria. Tragedy strikes before they even begin their journey and the three children – 19 year-old Amira, 17 year-old Mahdi and 15 year-old Saad – are left to make the long journey alone.


Kith and KIn

A ‘Coming of Age’ novel about a 15 year old boy looking back on the last ten years of his life. He recounts his experiences, happy and unhappy, and attempts to analyse how his experiences have shaped the person he is now. Once an outsider, he learns to appreciate the value of family and kinship.

We offer a range of services to support you in publishing your book

Print Readiness

Confused by all the various requirements for print? We can help prepare your manuscript for print by formatting layout and getting it print ready.

Cover design and marketing

We all judge a book by its cover. Our design and graphics partners GAB design will make sure yours makes a great first impression. Full service design support to develop your brand as a writer. This includes support for social media channels and web design.

Proof reading and editing

Even if you don’t want to publish with Wee County Books you would hope to send your manuscript in good shape. Our standalone proofreading and editing service will help you achieve this. Make contact by email to arrange a discussion meeting, get an idea of prices and so on.

Accepting submissions

NB We are interested primarily in fiction aimed at school pupils from late-stage Primary to Secondary 4/5. Only in exceptional circumstances would we be prepared to consider other target audiences or genres.

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We may be interested in publishing books for other authors and if you feel that you have a manuscript which might interest Wee County Books, please contact us using our contact form in the first instance.


At the initial stage we would not wish to see a completed manuscript and we have devised a four stage approach to ease our submissions process.

  1. Your first contact should be via our contact form and provide some personal information about yourself, your writing activity, details of any relevant experience you may have had and some information about your manuscript.
  2. We will get back in touch if we are interested in seeing more and ask for a synopsis to be attached via the email address we provide at that stage.
  3. A synopsis and a sample of some 5000 words from anywhere in the manuscript should then be sent via email.
  4. If we feel that the content may fit with our publishing aims then we would ask to see the complete manuscript.

We are interested primarily in fiction aimed at school pupils from late-stage Primary to Secondary 4/5. Only in exceptional circumstances would we be prepared to consider other target audiences or genres.

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We have fairly firm ideas about what constitutes a text suitable for our readers:

  • Not over-long, probably in the region of 40000 – 50000 words, though this is flexible.
  • There will be substantial characters in the same age range as the target readers.
  • The plot will be interesting and designed to hold the reader’s attention.
  • The subject matter will be of relevance and of interest to the target audience.
  • The language used will be youthful and modern without resorting to geographic-specific slang or colloquial language. It should be understandable to anyone with a good working knowledge of English.
  • The language should not be ‘dumbed down’ or patronising. It should challenge the reader without baffling him or her.
  • Subject matter and language should be inoffensive, bearing in mind the needs and sensitivities of a wide spectrum of readers and their guardians both at home and in school.

All communications should be through our contact form in the first instance.

After we receive your message, we will get back to you with our email submission details and you can send us an email with attachments. NB Manuscripts should be provided as one complete file produced on Microsoft Word or similar mainstream word-processing software.

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